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Demo day at Eagle's Nest

Brad m Club Champion

Just wondering if they have sent out invites to the Eagle's Nest to try the 718's in the Fall? Hoping to be lucky enough to go again.

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  1. Alex Z

    I'm going to guess that it is not happening this year. In year's past we were invited out around Thanksgiving and the launch was in November. The launch in the US is tomorrow and next week for Canada.
  2. Barry S

    If they are doing it again, would love to be on the list!

    I haven't heard/seen anything about it yet, but I too would LOVE that opportunity again.
  4. Darius V

    I would have to agree with Alex...
    With the launch happening this week, I already have a fitting booked for Tuesday. From what I can see there are a lot of fitting appointments made for this week already so a lot of the TT members are likely already going to have seen the new product.
    The launch is always a great day as it is nice to see the new product, and more importantly get a chance to meet everyone in person again :)
    However ????
  5. Dino J

    Hey everyone, I hope that you take the time to share your experiences with us here at the TT Site! :-)
  6. Mark h

    would be sweet seeing i am upgrading my irons

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