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Another round of prototype balls just received!

David M. -Team Titleist ANZ Manager Team Titleist Staff Titleist Staff Member

New White Box samplers have been received by 200 Team Titleist Australia - New Zealand Members...

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  1. Phil R

    Just tried the prototype and was impressed with it. It felt softer (but not too soft) off the driver (which I liked)and certainly gained a bit more distance. Also really like the soft feel off the putter and it had consistent roll which allowed for good distance control. Would certainly use this ball in the future.
  2. dean b

    ive tested these they are the best ball titleist has produced in the last few years they are the best spin is great distance is good keep up the good work titleist


  3. Andrew M

    WOW what a ball, much better than the ball I've been using

  4. Mal L

    Thanks David, prototypes were awesome!  Was great to be apart of the testing process

  5. Matthew F

    Great new ball - fantastic feel. When will they go on sale?

    Also, when do we get the samples for the new woods?

  6. Scott H

    Thanks David for the opportunity.

    I have used these balls recently and have finished the survey.

    Have to say, going in the right direction for me in regards to feel and wear compared to the Pro V1 X.

    Thanks again,

    Scott - Perth WA

  7. Tolan H

    nice balls, was a little hesitant to put them into play as they seemed so nice and new, but glad I did, seemed both longer and easier to control
  8. Gary O

    I have had my prototypes for 3 weeks now and just finished a 4 day golf weekend. Wow these are great, the feel is superb, durable (used one ball for three rounds as a test and apart from colour fade, the performance did not drop), and around the greens they spin and stop no matter the conditions. I went away from the Pro V's for a while but these were brilliant.. Can't wait for them to hit the shelves!
  9. Emerson P

    played a couple of rounds with the test balls and they were awesome tee to green! Definitely better ball than what i'm playing at the moment, although it was a little soft of the tee for my me

  10. James Braithwaite

    Hi David,

    Firstly, many thanks for including me in the survey and sending the prototype balls to me. I have also responded to the on-line survey emailed out recently.

    My initial observations/analysis of the prototype balls was that they looked and felt a great deal softer than the current ProV1 golf balls that I use.

    Upon hitting the balls, I found there to be no significant improvements in distance or ball flight when compared with the current ProV1 golf balls, particularly when using Driver/3-Wood/Hybrid of the tee.

    I did notice a very satisfying feeling when connecting with the ball however, particularly with mid-long iron play.

    I did notice a moderate-significant improvement in ball control around the greens, probably due to an increase in spin. I felt more comfortable in short game play, particularly with regards to short-iron/chipping/pitching. I was able to stop the ball a great deal quicker and felt comfortable in knowing where my ball would come to rest on the green.

    All in all, no significant increase in distance, but a feeling of greater ball control in short-game play for me.

    Again, many thanks for including me in this survey.



  11. Burkey

    Good! I haven't received mine!
  12. Trevor W

    Survey completed Dave - thanks to Team Titleist for this fantastic opportunity - this is why Titleist is the number 1 golf equipment brand in Australia.
  13. Joel L

    How do I get these?

  14. Scott S

    Thanks to Titleist for allowing me the opportunity to test their new samplers. I completed the testing last week and was thoroughly impressed with the results.

    Unfortunately, Outlook has swallowed the email with the survey link. Could you please post a link here?

  15. Mark G

    Hi David,

    Will there be any more testing of the 2015 Pro V1/V1x? I'm really keen to test out this ball!

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