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Joshua B

Got out of a meeting early and went to a local golf store. Took a look at the new SM7 in person, you know just to look. Found a wedge buying guide from Vokey and luck have it the store had my grind in my degree in left hand in the finish I wanted. Meant to be, every one made out...besides my unexpected wallet. 56° S grind (10 bounce) and 60° M grind (08 bounce). Just chipped in the dark in my back yard with 1st round this Saturday. So much more custom (off the rack) vs my old TDV. I cannot wait to get them stamped. Great job Mr. Vokey and Titleist, great job!

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  1. ADeLucia

    I can’t agree more! The new 60 D was a game changer for me!
  2. John M

    Amen on the 60D. I got the 12-degree bounce and it’s been great. I spent quite a bit of time at Augusta watching the guys at the short game area and it was remarkable how many were gaming the SM7s. A lot of non-Titleist players have them in the bag.

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