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Wedge set up

patrick r

Which wedges set up you members carry in the bag, mine is a 8,10,12 and 10. For my 46-50-54-58. I want to add a few sm7 and debating on my grind set up. Thanks

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  1. Richard A

    My wedge setup
    Standard 716 AP2 Pitching Wedge 46.7, 50.8.F, 54.10.S, 58.10.S
  2. John B

    50-08 F, 54-10 S, 58-08 M

    Raw SM6 50.12 F, 56.08 M, & 60.12 K
  4. Justin P

    Wedge setup for me is
    AP1 PW 43 degree
    SM7 black finish 48F
    SM7 black finish 58M
  5. BriMac

    50.08F, 56.10S (bent to 55), 60.12D (bent to 59), SM7s. They are performing great!
  6. Mike K

    718 Ap2 pw(46)
    Sm6 52.10f
    Sm6 56.08m
    Sm6 60.08m
  7. Lou G

    RM21 42*, SM6 50-08 (49*), SM6 60-12K (57*) and MD3 64/8.
  8. Gordon G

    Just ordered and will be picking up SM7: 46-F-10, 50-F-08, 54-M-08 and 58-S-10 (all tour chrome) to replace my AP2 P & W along with my SM6 56-M-08 and 60-M-08. Changing my gapping on my wedges to get a little more consistent with full shots vs half shots.
    Excited to work with my new wedges.
  9. sfried

    this is tough to figure out "proper" set-up - so far: 718 AP2 PW 46 degrees -- GW sm7 50.12F -- 54.10S bent 1 degree weak -- 60.12D: any thoughts???

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