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3/4 Swing

Chris Hatem

Have you ever hit a shot with a 3/4 swing and were surprised to see that it traveled the further than expected? Or even equivalent to your normal distance for a full swing? More control? How about performance in the wind? How about 3/4 with a wood/driver? Everybody's perception of a 3/4 swing is different, however it's worth a try. Too many amateurs swing 110%. I am working very hard not to be one of them.

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  1. Greg D

    Its crazy how that happens. I've noticed that a lot. Try to hit a 3/4 shot because you have too much club and the thing sails 10 yards farther than on a full swing. Crazy. It's something i've been working on but it's just so darn hard to tell yourself to swing easy to make it go farther.
  2. Chuck Z

    Over swinging a club is a fault of many amateurs and it takes a few years to figure this out. A smooth controlled swing produces more desired results and it does go farther. We all are guilty of this.
  3. DHall

    We love the "macho-ness" of a long ball and the look of a beautiful swing. Everytime I try to pony up and really belt one I lose it right. I finally got to where I tell myself to let the club do the work. Tense muscles trying to hit the ball vs a nice smooth tempo with relaxed muscules is a night and day difference.
  4. etakmit

    Yep the more control you have the better the chance of a center face hit. I'll take what I *think* is a 3/4 swing and its really 1.25 swing (where my full swing is like 1.5). It's entirely mental and if you have a coach stop someone's backswing where it really is a "full" most people are SHOCKED. Because it seems like the swing is so short.

    For me it's just tough :) I'm always trying to hit it a mile!
  5. Chris M

    I've started clubbing up and taking a 3/4 swing in the back of my stance to hit a lower ball flight and take a bigger divot. I love it. I've always been a picker of the golf ball but when I catch it just behind the ball it flies low, straight, and has a ton of spin... I just lose about 10 yards of distance.
  6. Darryl M

    I'm always shocked when I hit the ball correctly. Lol with that said I actually went 3 times a week with my 4 highest lofted clubs to the range and hit only 3/4 swing shots for 1 month just to get that feel. I still catch one pure and it sails further than I thought it should, but I just smile knowing I caught it flush and try to get up & down.
  7. Sirhc

    Recently went to an executive course to do just that, primarily to see how much shorter my 3/4 wedge shots are compared to full. I found that I average about 5 yards shorter, with a lower trajectory. Might have to go exclusively 3/4 swing . . . .
  8. WMaselli

    I made the change 3-4 years ago of a full swing to a 3 quarter swing and the results have been dramatic. Scores got much lower no more loose shots and much more command of my swing I would never go back to a full swing
  9. MrPizzle

    My 3/4 greenside bunker swing goes about 100 yards half the time! Lol Seriously though, I started taking more club and making a smoother, shorter, and more controlled swing and the results have been better than expected. Play well Guys!
  10. DV


    As the great golf coach Bob Toski once said, "The golf swing is “effortless power,” not “powerless effort.” (It is) Not a game of brute force, but controlled force through a “swinging effort.” Many of the old PGA pros reguarly used a drill where they would hit a club progressively applying more effort starting from a very small swing. Former golf great Sam Snead routinely used his driver swing to go from 100 yards to his max distance in 25 yard increments. He was known as a long driver in his day. Tiger Woods routinely use his 7 iron to hit 100 yards shots and progressly hit further and further until he was hitting 210 yards. The former 1992 long drive distance champion Monte Scheinblum, who currently teaches golf, is a big believer in swing efficency over max effort in the golf swing coupled with centerness of hits. If you look at Monte' swing, which can be found on YouTube, you will see a swing as smooth as Freddie Couple's swing but Monte has a driver clubhead swing over 130 MPH. There is a lot that can be learned from these master's of the golf swing. Max effort does not get it done. Having an efficient swing that makes consistent and centered hits and is very much in control will produce the best results. I think there is much wisdom in the words of past masters.

  11. greg p

    Worked at the Western Am recently and this is what struck me the most. All these guys were pounding it 300 yds and more in the fairway with 3/4 swings. I can't recall seeing ANYONE going to parallel.
    It is definitely something that I want to work on. Efficiency, control, and tempo trumps brute power. Especially good if you want to find your ball.

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