Titleist South East Asia Advanced Fitting Days

Team Titleist South East Asia is pleased to introduce you to Titleist Advanced Fitting Days. Over the last few months, Titleist's South East Asia Club Fitting Manager, Shaun Moulds, has been traveling around the region running Titleist Advanced Fitting Days for many lucky golfers. 

 During these days golfers will have a one on one session with the Titleist fitting expert (Shaun) who evaluates their current equipment and looks to find out what changes need to be made to help golfers get the most out of their equipment, and ultimately lower their scores.

At these sessions, Shaun uses a Trackman launch monitor which accurately tracks the ball from the time it's struck to when it lands. Trackman also provides launch angle, spin rate, clubhead speed, ball speed and descending/landing angle.

 In conjunction with Trackman, Shaun will also use our SureFit Fitting Cart, complete with the 910 range of products including the D2 and D3 driver models, 910F and 910Fd fairways and 910H hybrids. Also in the cart we have the AP1, AP2, CB and MB iron models. Along with these heads there are multiple shafts at different weights, lengths and flexes to help the golfer obtain their desired results. A full range of Vokey wedges in various lofts and bounces will also be available for fitting.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, get in contact with us today to find out when the next Advanced Fitting Day near you will be held.

When contacting Titleist for an Advanced Fitting Session, be sure to let us know your location, what you are looking to be fit for, and your handicap. Also, be sure to bring your current equipment, golf shoes and a golf glove to the session. 

 Shaun took some time out of his busy fitting schedule to answer a few questions on Fitting for Team Titleist South East Asia. Check out the video below and hear what he had to say. Also, check out some examples below the video of golfers who have attended Advanced Fitting Days over the last couple of months, and who have seen instant improvements to their game simply by ensuring they are playing the correct equipment.

The following are some examples of golfers who have already been through an Advanced Fitting Day with Shaun and the impact the day has had on their game.

Golfer 1 (Singapore) - Handicap 5 - Driver Fitting
Golfer 1 was using a 45 3/4", 10.5 degree Stiff shaft in his driver. With this driver he was struggling to hit the ball consistently out of the middle of the face therefore limiting his maximum potential ball speed for his swing speed. His statistics were as follows:
Ball speed  142.3 mph
Spin rate  2964 rpms
Launch Angle 13.2 degrees
Carry distance 199metres

He was fitted for a Titleist 910 D2 9.5 degree V2 Proforce 76gram shaft with a SureFit setting at B1 @ 44 1/2". With this, he was able to achieve the following statistics:
Ball Speed 149.4mph
Spin rate 2545 rpms
Launch Angle 11.1degrees
Carry distance 218 metres

With this example, even though we shortened the length of the driver, we were able to increase the average ball speed by 7mph because the golfer was now able to hit the ball consistently out of the middle of the clubface (the center of the clubface produces the fastest ball speed). By also reducing the launch angle and the spin rate we were able to gain 19 meters carry for this golfer. His ball flight was a draw so we changed the SureFit setting to B1 (3/4 degree flatter) which gave him his desired ball flight. The shorter shaft also gave him a better shot dispersion.

Golfer 2 (Malaysia) - Handicap 0 - Long game fitting
Golfer 2 wanted to get a hybrid that would sit distance wise somewhere between their 3 iron and 3 wood. With the aid of Trackman, we were able to establish that the players carry distance on their 3 iron was only 1 meter further than the carry distance of 4 iron, also not as consistent. The golfer thus decided to forget the 3 iron and instead focus on a club in between their 4 iron and 3 wood. 
3 wood carry = 201 meters
4 iron carry = 178.2 meters

On this occasion the golfer wanted a hybrid that carried at about the 190 metre mark. We were able to achieve this with a 910H 19degree with an Motore F3 95gram Stiff flex shaft.

Golfer 3 (Thailand) - Handicap 23
Golfer 3's launch was low and the ball was spinning too much which was causing him to lose distance. He was using the following shaft: 45 1/2" 10.5 degree Regular Flex 60g. His statistcis were as follows:
Ball speed  113.8 mph
Spin rate  4064 rpms
Launch Angle 9.6 degrees
Carry distance 156metres

He was fitted for a 910 D2, 10.5 degree with a Motore F3 55gram Regular 45" shaft with a SureFit setting at B2 (3/4 of a degree more upright which helped reduce his fade). His statistics after the fitting were the following:
Ball speed  116 mph
Spin rate  3456 rpms
Launch Angle 12.7 degrees
Carry distance 165metres

The golfer increased his drives with a lighter shaft than his original. This increase was also due to reducing his spin rate and increasing his launch angle.

As you can see, club fitting is key to making sure you're giving yourself the best opportunity to shoot low scores. Contact Titleist South East Asia today to sign up for your Fitting Session. If you have a question you feel the answer of which may benefit other golfers out there, go ahead and ask it on our discussion board, and we'll get back to you ASAP.